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8 micro Cool Gas Generators are launched on board of the Delfi N3xT triple cubesat

8 micro CGG launched on board of the Delfi N3xT triple cubesat On November 21st, 2013, a Russian Dnepr launcher  blasted off from the Russian steppe and brought into orbit a flotilla of 33 satellites, most of them being cubesats. One of these satellites is the Delfi N3xT which houses a miniaturized propulsion system designed […]

Second Proba 2 CGG firing

On 17 October 2012, the seconds CGG on board of the Proba 2 spacecraft was successfully fired. The second CGG performed near identical to the first CGG which was fired successfully in August 2011. The firing was controlled from the ESA control center in Redu in the Belgian Ardennes. CGG technologies, Moog Bradford and TNO […]

Commercialization of innovative cool gas generator technology

CGG Technologies B.V. and the Dutch research organization TNO have signed a contract this week on the transfer of the Cool Gas Generator Technology. The signing marks the transfer between the research and development phase of the technology and the commercial, product development oriented phase. Cool Gas Generators are an unique way to store gas. […]